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Using the facility
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Prioritization of use
Access to the equipment is prioritized. All onsite users have the highest priority over offsite users. The offsite cross appointment users will be given higher priority to the usage of the machines over those who have no academic attachment to the Department of Oncology.


  1. Equipment in Cell Imaging Facility can be booked, upon 2 weeks advance, online on a first-come first-serve basis. All trained user will obtain an access login name and password after the training.
  2. For Confocals, unless required by the experiment (e.g. live cell Imaging) and approved by Manager of the Facility, a single user can not book more than 3hr/day, 3 sessions per week.
  3. If booked user did not show up within half hour of schedule time, s/he may lose the booked time.
  4. Important information about Cancellations:
    • Cancellation must be done at earliest convenience. There will be no charge if the booking is cancelled 24 prior to booked time.
    • A cancellation within 24hrs, or due to sickness, experiment failure, the lab. will be charged for 1hr.
    • No show-up without any explanation prior to the booking will be charged for the whole period of booking.
  5. Offsite usage will be limited to 25% of the instrumentation time/week at the discretion of the manager of the Facility.

Checking Aailability

Booked time and actual usage will be closely monitored. If a consistent pattern of overbooking is observed, the lab/user will be notified and possibly charged for certain percentage of their over-booked time.


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